How we Work

Key to our client relationships is the time we spend together discussing what is most  important to you financially and then providing you with guidance to achieve you future goals.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

  1. Understand
  2. Organise
  3. Plan
  4. Review

Cash Flow Modelling

The basis of our advice service is firmly rooted in making sure we understand your current financial plans. To do this we use cutting-edge cash flow modelling software. By using information on your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, we are able to accurately map out a detailed picture of how these will likely work out in the future.

We will then provide “what if” scenarios using our advice process to show we can improve you plans to use all your tax breaks and the best, most cost effective products to do so.


We underpin any plans we agree with a scientific approach to investing designed to provide a low cost, robust and more consistent risk based investment experience in portfolios not generally available in the retail market.

Were appropriate, we will recommend an on-line platform to access the pension and investment tax wrappers required and these are available for you to view online 24/7/365.

On Track Review

By constant revisiting of your model and reviewing your circumstances annually, we can make sure that you are on track to achieve your goals and to avoid any financial surprises.


We recognise that achieving the best financial planning outcomes are the result of long term relationships and our fee structures in all our service offerings reflect this.
With our Wealth Management service, our initial planning fees and ongoing advice fees are based on the level of assets we provide advice over.

They are expressed as a percentage and as a monetary amount in writing by us before any advice is agreed.

The fee is determined by use of an algorithm that is designed to reduce both the initial and ongoing advice fees the more money we manage on your behalf.

Online Investing Service

Using your annual tax allowances is very important and we recognise that although clients know the importance of doing this, finding the time for our face to face advice service can be difficult.
You may also have requirements for a “light touch” approach with a different charging structure that reflects the more transactional basis of your advice needs.

Our Digital service reflects the client guided aspect of this service and has no initial advice fee payable to us.

The ongoing fee is based on providing investment reporting and annual review service. You can switch to the full Wealth Management service at any time.
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Advice for Business

The Auto Enrolment service costs are based on the numbers of staff involved and will be confirmed prior to providing of your AE solution and is invoiced directly to the Employer involved.
Finally, any business protection solutions set up will have a commission payment from the provider used and this will also be disclosed and agreed in writing with you.