Below are common questions asked about the online investing.
Note that the online investing web application has a detailed FAQ page that can be accessed at any time during the online investment process.

In addition, there is a detailed walkthough that explains the process from the initial risk registration through to the payment options.

  • Can I get access to my investments?

    You can access the investments using the online web portal at anytime. Here you will be able to monitor the investments, make new investments and also withdraw existing investments.

  • I'm thinking of saving for a holiday next year, should I invest online?

    The length of time for your investment is important. In general, even though we specialise in non-volatile investments, we would recommend investing for at least five(?) years.

  • Due to unexpected circumstances I need to cash in my investments, is that possible?

    You can withdraw funds at any time using the web application and the investments will be transfered to your linked bank account using BACs transfer. It could take 3-5 days depending on your bank. While you can withdraw your money in a short timescale these types of investment have some volatility so short term you may have less than you originally invested. As part of our financial planning service we always plan to put aside funds so that they are easily accessible in an emergency, we tend to use other types of investments to ensure quick access.

  • The news says that the stock market is going to crash, should I sell my investments?

    Stock market crashes are a fact of life and will occur from time to time, there has yet to be a method of accurately forecasting when it will happen however, history shows us that stock markets recover given time. When applying for an online investment the full history of what the investment has done during previous downturns is displayed. The historical values show that even though you may encounter a year of poor performance the next year will usually regain those losses. Some investors look at these types of news stories as “good news” as it may prompt them to make new investments while the market is at a low point. If you have any doubt then feel free to contact us before making your decision.

  • The funds have done exceptionally well, do you take a performance fee?

    Absolutely not! Keeping investment costs down is one of our key principles and the online platforms allow us to really reduce management costs. The pricing structure is transparent and available on this page. It was your decision to make the investments and you should take the entire benefit.

  • I'm having problems with the website, can someone help me?

    The web application has its own detailed FAQ that will address most queries that have been raised in the past. If you can’t find a suitable answer or for any other technical issue with the web site then please contact us where we will be able to help.

  • I think that my finances have got more difficult, is it possible to come and see someone even though I only use your online product?

    We pride ourselves on our excellent face-to-face service and would love to hear from you using the contact us page.

  • Is there an option for a joint investment plan?

    All ISA’s are individual names and both parties would need to apply seperately. Joint General Investment Accounts (GIA’s) are not available at this moment.

  • Am I able to transfer previous year’s ISA’s or other investments to a new online account with you?

    Not at present, but this facility is being planned for release in the next quarter.