What’s Involved

Below is a step by step guide to what’s involved with our Online Service.
Alternatively you can download a pdf version (2.4mb)


By using the tool you are not committing to any service and no personal identifying information is collected. Only if you wish to proceed and invest in the portfolio would personal details be required. If you wish to save your progress you will be asked to provide a valid email address and create a password.

With that in mind, the best way to learn about the process is to experiment with the web application process. A few helpful hints are the “Contact us” and the “FAQ” frequently asked questions tabs. These are always available on the top right of the application and are highlighted by the red box.

Getting Started
Getting started

By selecting the “Contact us” option an information box will appear over the top of your current page that will give a contact telephone number, an email form to send an email to us, or provide your name and telephone number to request a call back. By closing the box you will return to your original page.

Contact us
Contact us

By selecting the “FAQ” option a page of frequently asked questions will be displayed as an information box.

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

If you are not able to get an answer to your question then please use the “Contact us” tab. By closing the box you will return to your original page.

Both these options are available on every page.

The Process

The initial page explains the process and invites you to build and investment portfolio. This is then followed by a page called “Before we start” that explains in detail about the web service so that you can see whether it is the right service for you before starting the process.

In summary the tool is designed to offer a portfolio to achieve investment growth based on the information that you have provided. The tool does not consider suitability with any existing investments that you may already have. These investments may include pensions. If you feel that you are unsure about any of the proposed investments by this service, or would like existing investments to be taken into account then don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We have over 35 years’ experience and can be contacted by phone or arrange for a face-to-face meeting. And remember, by using the tool you are not committing yourself to any service.


Getting Started

The “getting started” page has an overview of the entire process. The main points are:

  • It is entirely anonymous until the point you decide to make an investment.
  • It takes around 10 minutes.
Getting started
Getting started

Your Investment

By continuing we are taken to “Your investment” phase. At the top of the page there is a progress bar highlighted by the red rectangle. The “Your investment” stage is highlighted in white. This progress bar is available in all of the future screens and will allow you to navigate back to previous pages if you feel that you have answered a question incorrectly. This example will take us from “Your investment” to “Your proposal”.

Your Investment
Your investment

The blue boxes offer helpful advice about the information that is being requested. Also the text on the page has hyperlinks that give further explanation to terms, in this case we have “ISA” and “GIA” that can be clicked to offer a definition.

In this example I have chosen to invest £10,000. We then save and continue to the page that asks for some general information about you. This is to help assess your risk profile and attitude to risk. Note that a “Your summary” bar has appeared on the left. This is recording the amount that you have said that you want to invest in the previous step.

About you
About you

This completes the “your investment” stage.

Your Risk Grade & Loss Capacity

This next stage will grade your risk profile. It has a detailed introduction and sets out that it will ask nine easy questions to assess your attitude to investment risks.

Risk Assessment
Risk tolerance

The questions are all multiple choice, an example is given below. There are nine questions.

Risks Question 1
Risk tolerance: question 1

After all nine questions an assessment will be made based on a number from 1-10. With 1 being risk averse and 10 being prepared to take high risks. This is a method of categorising risk, there is no right or wrong answer. Most people fall between 3 and 7. More details can be seen on the screen.

Your risk tolerance grade
Your risk tolerance grade

Now that the risk tolerance is known an investment projection is made. On this page an important new parameter is added, the duration of the investment and it is added to “Your summary”. By default this is set to 10 years but it can be altered. On this page is a further option called “Take a tour” just underneath the FAQ tab and highlighted by a red rectangle on the screenshot. By pressing the take a tour button each term on this page is carefully explained in a step by step manner. The page is long and also has a scroll bar on the right to show various analyses and historical predictions.

What Risk Means
What risk means

At this point it is possible to tweak the parameters including the risk grade.

After continuing a confirmation page is given as shown below.

Confirm your Investment objective
Confirm your investment objective

By continuing the next part of assessing the risk grade is to assess the risk capacity, that is an assessment of whether you can afford the risks. This is a similar process to the earlier risk tolerance questionnaire but only 7 multiple choice questions will be asked.

Risk Capacity
Risk capacity

Similar to the risk tolerance this will give a value between 1-10. A 10 indicates that you are financially capable of taking significant risk and a 1 will suggest the opposite.

Your Proposed risk grade
Your proposed risk grade

At this point it is important to note that the application may not proceed with suggesting a portfolio if it feels that your risk capacity does not allow your risk tolerance. If that is the case you will be invited to contact us here at OAM. It may be that you have an unusual financial circumstance that may need a more detailed analysis that the web tool may not be able to offer.

Your proposed risk guide
Your proposed risk guide – alternative

Your Investment Proposal

Given a risk tolerance and capacity that is acceptable to the model, a portfolio will be suggested that will fulfil your investment needs. An example page is shown below, clearly the suggested investments will depend on the answers provided to the questions.

Your Investment Proposal Summary
Your investment proposal summary

Scrolling down the page will give much more information supporting the investment choice with important information about the historic behaviour of this portfolio and the charges of managing this portfolio. See below for an example, again the historic performance and the charges will differ depending on the portfolio chosen:

Graph with performance and the charges
Your summary

At this point it is still possible to correct amend the investment using the blue button. By continuing using the green button the application will take you to a page that will allow you to download a detailed report of the process and suggested portfolio in a pdf format.

This is the end of the proposal phase. At this point we are given the choice (see picture below):

If you chose to download your investment report you will have the opportunity to provide your email address and select a password so that you can recover this report at a later date.

Save and continue later will also give you the opportunity to provide your email address and select a password so that you can recover this report at a later date.

In both these cases a welcome email will be sent from OAM to you. Occasionally these emails are caught by the outlook spam filter so if you are an outlook user and you don’t receive the email, please look in your spam folder or simply contact us using any of the methods and we will investigate.

The “get started now” option will start the process of creating an account where you can then go on to buy your portfolio online.

Open Your Investment Account
Open your investment account

The pdf report is around 20 pages and has detailed descriptions of the portfolio. It is around 150kb and is quick to download on most connections. All the graphs shown in the process are contained in this report. It allows you to print off a permanent copy for your records.

Retrieving an Earlier Proposal

You can return to a previous proposal if you have:

  • Provided a valid email address and downloaded the detailed investment document
  • Pressed “Save and continue later” on the “Open investment account page”.

A link will be emailed to you that will allow you to return to the investment once you provide the password that you had given in the previous step.


Once past the log-in page you will be returned to the “Open investment account page”, the next step will be to provide personal details to establish payments into the investment portfolio. It estimates that this will take around 5 minutes.

The pages are a familiar format with text boxes and drop down menus:

After your personal details you will be asked to provide a breakdown of your cash flow in a typical month, this includes your gross salary and other earnings such as a pension, and your outgoing expenses.

More about you
More about you

The small question mark icon will give additional information about the question, usually explaining the reason why the question has been asked, like in the example below about providing a mobile number.

Submit more details
Additional information required

Once these details have been entered a “Suitability report will be generated” highlighting areas that you should give consideration to. This can be downloaded in a pdf format by selecting the blue “Download this report” at the bottom of the page.

After this report you can provide your payment details. Currently you can pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Payment details
Your payment details

Finally you’ll be asked to review and accept the terms and conditions of the service before investing in your portfolio.

The key point is that you can contact us at any time using the “Contact us” button.