(Weekly) Covid-19 Update

I don’t know about you, but I had to stop and actually count the weeks on my diary to find we are entering week 8 of lockdown.. Quite extraordinary.

I hope you and your families continue to be safe and well.

Apologies for the lack of weekly up-dates; I’ve been noticing a definite lockdown-lull in the last week or so through things like much reduced WhatsApp messages in the various groups I’m involved with. A certain lethargy is most definitely kicking in

We’ve all adapted very quickly and new supply chains and service have been established and are working – it appears that no immediate crisis need dealing with and people are settling in to the new routine.

The only thing I’ve noticed of concern (and it made it to the BBC website today, so must be serious), is the lack of hair cutting going on.

My hair is like a burst couch and I’m about 2 days away from having a go with the clippers myself but lurking in my mind is the old Billy Connolly skit about cutting your own hair on” An Audience with Billy Connolly” (It’s on YouTube and is still as funny today as it was in the 80’s!)

If I pluck up the courage, I’ll maybe post the before and afters here.

Investment Discipline

You’ll no doubt have heard me bang-on about staying your seat during uncertain times and periods of market volatility. The following short video precisely explain why this should be the case and how financially impactful it can be if you don’t and try and time markets instead.


Great Jigsaw Update

I think the picture says it all. We have reached an impasse…


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