Firstly I hope that everyone is safe and well and coping with our new circumstances.  As I write, we have two clients having tested positive, and are a good way into their self-isolation phase.

I’ve spoken to them by phone and are clearly are not well, but are making some progress. Our thoughts are with them.

I thought that I’d try and do a weekly round-up of current thoughts, observations and try to maintain some reality in an otherwise surreal existence for us all.

From a practical point of view, using Zoom as a remote meeting tool has proven easy to use and successful in allowing us to have conversations “face-to-face” and allow us to review cash flow models in light of current volatile market conditions.

I’m getting positive feedback about the format and clients are expressing that looking at their numbers in context and over the longer term is reassuring.

Please call the office on 0131 273 5202 if you’d like to schedule a meeting.


Market Volatility

Although the UK market (FTSE100) is down around 5% today as I write, it looks like it will end up marginally ahead of where we started at the beginning of the week.

We should now be beginning to understand that the wild swings in daily volatility will be the norm. We see markets reacting as we would expect them to on the current understanding of our economic prospects based on the information we have at any given time.

It reinforces our long-held belief that you must remain fully invested throughout these periods of uncertainty, and to trying to time markets is not only futile, but ultimately damaging to long term returns.

We’ll continue to post information about long-term investing and our investment philosophy in the coming weeks.


Client Portal (PFP)

Given the difficulties and risk about post and handling paper documents right now, we’d like to urge our clients to sign-up for our Client Portal on our back-office system to allow the exchange of documentation safely and electronically.

Please email and request an invite to join the client portal.


Personal Thoughts

I very glad to have my daughter home from London and staying with me and due to strict observation on social distancing, I’m happy to report we haven’t fallen out or attacked each other yet…

I had my first experience of social distancing too at my local Tesco this week, and was struck as to how incredibly quickly we adapt to the new circumstances. People seemed calm and rational and sticking to the limits on purchasing. Let’s hope we stay that way.

Finally, I bought what would seem to be the hardest 1000-piece jigsaw in the World. This a pictorial record of the progress we’ve made (me and my 25-year old daughter) in a week.

To be continued

Be safe and well



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